Past Meetings

May 2014 Meeting – Adobe InDesign Tips & Tricks

Did you miss today’s meeting? No worries, it was recorded. Brandon Jones ran us through some great InDesign tips and tricks. Check out the recording right here (audio kicks in at the 2:45 mark) -

April 2014 Meeting – Putting Your Photography and Artwork on the Web

At the April, 2014 meeting, we discussed how to put your photography and art on the internet. You can view the recorded meeting right here -

Below is the presentation we showed at the meeting:

March 2014 Meeting – PhoneGap and Mobile Technology

At the March 2014 meeting, we had a good discussion about PhoneGap and mobile technology. You can view the recording right here –

February 2014 Meeting – Dynamic Linking with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

At the February meeting of the MMUG, we had a presentation on how Lightroom dynamically links to onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8 and how to handle the psd files that are created in that process, plus Gabe DeWitt showed us some cool tips and tricks on geotagging photos in Lightroom and how to export them so they appear in their respective geographic locations in Google Earth. Some really cool stuff! You can check out the recording right here - NOTE: the audio cuts out in the recording from minute 11 to minute 19 – I forgot to unmute my mic after showing my pre-recorded demo. Just skip past that section.

January 2014 Meeting – Editing GoPro Footage Using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro

Our usual meeting location was without an internet connection, so unfortunately we weren’t able to utilize Adobe Connect. However, we did meet and had a discussion on editing footage shot with a GoPro using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. We did have presentation at the ready, so you can check that out below:

December 2013 Meeting – Using Adobe Lightroom’s Book Module

At the December 2013 meeting, we discussed Adobe Lightroom’s book module and how it integrates with, plus we announced the winner of the free one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Check out the recording right here –

November 2013 Meeting

At the November, 2013 meeting, we discussed our favorite holiday wish list items.  You can check out the recording right here –

October 2013 Meeting

At the October 2013 meeting of the MMUG, we discussed how to work with a green screen in both photography and videography.  You can check out the recording right here –

September 2013 Meeting

At the September meeting of the Adobe Multimedia User Group, We discussed the ins and outs of Adobe Business Catalyst. You can check out the recorded meeting by following this link -

August, 2013 Meeting

At the August, 2013 meeting we discussed using wordpress as a content management system, how you can use Lightroom to sync your metadata with galleries in your wordpress site, and we did some digging into SmugMug’s admin interface.  Check out the recording here:

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