Extracting a Photo Shot Against a Green Screen

At the October, 2013 meeting of the MMUG, Bobby Snelson did a quick tutorial on how to extract a photo shot against a green screen.  Here’s his presentation:

Flash Photography on a Budget

At the December meeting of the Morgantown Multimedia User Group, Bobby Snelson discussed how to get big results in flash photography without spending a fortune.

Shooting and Processing HDR Video

In the November 2012 Meeting of the Morgantown Multimedia User Group, Tim Ford showed how to shoot and process HDR video using Magic Lantern (free firmware for Canon SLR cameras) and Adobe After Effects. Check out the video below!

Adobe Photoshop Time Savers

This month’s topic is time-savers using smart objects and filters in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Tim Ford and Bobby Snelson cover some time saving tips and tricks, as well as techniques for non-destructive edits.

Adobe Edge Preview


A demo of Adobe Edge Preview

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